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HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 Review on all hp product

Today's parents would quickly remember their college days when the computer rooms in classrooms or offices were as nice as a holy location. The computer room would be extremely air-conditioned, dust-free and one would not be permitted in the same room where a PC was installed with shoes. They were costly devices that could cost today's sold luxury vehicles equivalent. Only the elite and super-rich children might possess their own personal computer at home in those days.
Fast forward to the present and things have totally altered. The internet has changed nearly everything and communication, and the information is now at the fingertips of each person. Technology became cheaper and brought home and now in our pockets the PC and internet. Letters have been transformed into emails and today almost everything is digital. Though things have changed massively over the past couple of centuries, nothing has altered the way we need paper. We still need those printouts— whether it's a curriculum vitae or a bill, an office document or an agreement, or even school tasks and crafts, physical records are still needed.And these files come from printers, a peripheral computer that is capable of creating a paper picture.

There's nothing new about printers— from loud dot matrix and line printers to new-age laser printers, they're all just as bulky, costly, and need prompt maintenance. Although printers may not have altered a lot, they are definitely becoming environmentally friendly, both in terms of energy and ink. Ink is the most costly component in printers, too. The ink requirement is always high with countless papers and waste being printed in households and offices. And most refrain from opting for a home printer with costly ink cartridges.
I only suggest Ink Tank printers if anyone asks me for advice on purchasing printers. I've had too many bad ink cartridge printer experiences I wouldn't even take one for free. While the ink-jet printers cost a lot less when you purchase them when you add up the price of the consecutive cartridge and the issues they cause you to go through, it will create more sense to invest up front in an ink tank printer.
 The price of ink tank printers has dropped quite a lot over the years, making them even more attractive. The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 printer (201) $is one of the most inexpensive tank printers on the market and we're going to see in this article whether it's cutting corners to satisfy that cost or whether it's as great as the business claims.

 Design and Build Quality
The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 is a compact printer that does not take up much room on your desk. It functions a paper input panel that can be retracted along with foldable paper output panel. I enjoy printers with the top-back paper intake as it makes life so much simpler and the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 has the same system. Because the paper intake system can be closed, when not in use, it also protects the printer from eating dust.  The printer, on the whole, boasts strong construction quality. The body is produced of high-quality plastic that makes the touch feel premium.  The only thing I don't like at the top of the printer is the smooth touch plastic used. Using glossy blue color makes it even worse. That may be a personal bias, but the glossy blue plastic top makes it feel like a toy for kids, and I don't like that very much.

That said, it's my private view and maybe you'd like this option of design.  The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 looks like all the other printers with a few variations when it comes to design. The printer's front houses the paper output cabinet while all controls are housed in the top. There is a tiny LCD panel, along with the controls, where you can see the printing status.

The printer's correct side hosts the ink tank where the tanks themselves are made of transparent plastic that allows you to see the amount of the ink readily. On the left side of the printer there is nothing, as both the energy and the wired connector are on the back. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the printer's construction quality. Not only is it compact, but at just 4.67 kg it's also very light. You can easily move around this printer if you haven't set the printer a continuous location.

Connection and compatibility

HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 provides sufficient connectivity choices and enables you to use a number of appliances to send prints to the printer. Not only is it compatible with both Windows and macOS operating system, it also provides portable printing services (more on this later) for iOS and Android devices. You can either use the wired link or go the wireless path as far as connectivity is concerned. It's fairly simple to connect the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 to your laptop with a wire. Simply use the USB connector in the box to attach the printer to your laptop.
It took the printer literally only a few seconds to show up on my desktop and I was able to instantly print papers.

This is how simple the wired link is. You can use wireless internet connectivity if you want to use the printer with various devices. I enjoy wireless connectivity on a printer because it enables me to maintain the printer away from my desk and still print papers. It will take a few minutes to set up wireless, as you will first have to create the printer accessible on your WiFi and then connect your phones. The installation method itself is fairly simple while it takes a few minutes.Finally, using its ePrint technology, the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 also enables you to print records and pictures straight from your smartphone. All you need to do is download and begin printing the HP Smart app (Android /iOS). What I love about the HP Smart app is that it is extremely user-friendly and well designed. It's the greatest printer companion app I've been using in a while.

Printing and efficiency

By printing dozens of papers and images, we tested the printing and efficiency of HP Ink Tank Wireless 419. In addition to scanned papers, IDs, emails and more, we used papers with hard fonts. I am pleased to report that the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 delivers outstanding print quality after printing dozens of papers and images. The ink on the print is precise and never smudges. The document stays untouched and shows no overflow of ink on the edges.  We used the normal A4 size paper as we didn't have the glossy photo paper at hand as far as images are concerned.

However, in view of the information in the sheets of the A4, I assume that using photo paper will result in pictures of quality printed. The print velocity is quite great with the printer using only black ink and 12-14 prints when using color prints to churn out 15-18 prints. Note that these numbers are for text files only and your print rate will differ if you are only printing files filled with pictures or pictures. One thing I'll mention is that after you submit the print job, the printer takes a few seconds before it begins printing. If you send a ton of individual papers, it might be a bit irritating.

Scanning and Copying

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 is nothing outstanding when it comes to scanning files. Scanning a document that is normal for a printer in this cost range requires the usual 10-20 seconds. Copying is a little quicker and numerous copies are supported by the printer. Overall, I'd say the scanning capacity of the printer is nothing out of the ordinary, but it's not awful either at the same moment.

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HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 vs Competition

Although the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 is priced moderately, it is not the only printer in this price range. It faces hard competition from the likes of Epson EcoTank L3150 and Canon Pixma G3000 available at comparable rates on Amazon. While I haven't previously used both of these printers, a quick look at their ratings and specs sheet demonstrates me they are excellent printers, offering both benefits and disadvantages over the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419.

The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 has no clear margin to beat the contest. So, it's not the only one, although it's a really nice printer. That's going to make your decision a bit hard. The bottom line is that if you buy the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 you're going to be happy because there wasn't one thing that switched me off using this printer. That being said, if there is something that you didn't like about this printer, you don't have to settle as there are options on the market.That's going to make your decision a bit hard. The bottom line is that if you buy the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 you're going to be happy because there wasn't one thing that switched me off using this printer. That being said, if you haven't liked something about this printer, you don't have to settle as there are market choices.

Pros "Advantages"

    1. Excellent applications for portable printing on iOS and Android.

    2. Good quality of printing.

    3. Compact, lightweight.

    4. Support for ink tanks.

Cons "Disadvantages"

    1. Not a plastic blue top fan


    Name: HP Wireless Ink Tank 419.      

    Measurements: 525x 310x 158 mm.

    Weight: 4.67 kg

    Print Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet Technology.   

    Functions: printing, scanning and copying

    Max input sheets 60

    Printing solution: dpi color optimized for 4800x 1200.

    Connectivity: USB, WiFi, HP and Scan

    Scan Speed:  up to 21 seconds.

    Scan Resolution: 1200x 1200 dpi

    Print Speed: Black & White-14s / Color-18s

    Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

    LCD Screen: ICON LCD

    Recommended monthly: use 400 to 800 pages

    Ink Tank Life: Up to 8,000 color or 15,000 black pages.  

    Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Limited  It's better if you have a wireless charging phone!. Samsung Wireless Power Bank comes with 10,000 mAh batteries and charges itself quickly not only to other devices but also to other appliances...
If you look at Samsung's history of mobile over the years, the business has very prominently promoted wireless charging. In relation to nearly all the flagship, the firm has implemented wireless charging in some mid-range devices.
Although the use of wireless charging is presently very small. But in this direction, Samsung is doing a better job. The business launched the wireless charger pad last year wireless Power bank was introduced in that time. The firm launched the 10,000 mAh energy wireless battery pack, priced at 53 USD. Also, the same user manual shows that the Samsung wireless power bank has several LED indicators intended to demonstrate how much energy is left in the 10,000mAh battery. One blinking LED implies the battery is charged only 0-5 percent, while one strong LED suggests that the device is charged 5-20 percent. Four lit LEDs will indicate a battery charged between 70 and 100% anywhere. In other words, the wireless power bank is small enough not to exceed the size of the flagship devices of Samsung, which should be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry.


We have seen the power bank with metal or plastic cover so far, but it's totally different for Samsung Wireless Power bank. Mattel's case, but there's a rubber pad as well. It's a wireless pad where only by placing it on the power bank can you charge your phone. The metal case differs slightly from the others. It's stiff. It doesn't slip through the palm in such a situation. The corners are round and the width is shrinking. Others are a little thicker than Power bank. But as long as the smartphone is, its length.

It is 149.93 mm long and only 70.8 mm wide. Yes! Thickness is slightly higher, It's 15.09 mm thick, but you can't even expect less from a Power bank. It won't be too awkward if you maintain the power bank in the palm. Besides this, keeping side pockets or elsewhere in the bag is also simple. The best thing to say is it doesn't seem heavy despite 10,000 mAh. It only weighs 234 grams. It's pretty light and elegant. It can be said in such a situation that in design and quality it is best.


10,000 MAH Samsung Wireless Power bank promotes quick charging. This is the device's most significant characteristic. Not only does this energy bank charge other equipment quickly, but it also charges itself quickly. With ordinary charging, 5-volt support is available, while it supports up to 9 volts and 12 volts with quick charging. Similarly, if you charge from this Power bank to another device then Normal phone will receive up to 5 volts output, whereas if the device is supported by quick charging, the maximum output of 12 volts will be provided.

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Option For Connectivity. 

Samsung Wireless Battery Pack is supported with USB Type-C input assistance. Simultaneously, the phone will receive a charging USB slot. A slight reduction can occur here. We can expect at least two ports in the 10,000 MAH energy bank. Although NFC support is in it, one can pay on the wireless pad one device by cable and the other. It would have been much better despite having two slots. Because most devices have no assistance for wireless charging.


No matter how good the specification and design are, you won't want to take it if the performance isn't great. But even in performance, this Power bank won't deceive you. If completely charged, the 4,000 mAh battery phone can charge it fully twice. Besides this, a few small appliances can be charged. If your phone supports quickly charging with a 4,000 mAh battery, it will charge it in less than two hours. Yes! The complete charge for this is necessary. Because the charging time rises uniformly as the energy reduces.
If this device was charging then the Galaxy S10 charger was charged to the wireless charger pack and it took just over 3 hours to complete the charge while it was a fast charger. It would have been much better if the charging time were a little smaller. But the best thing I discovered was that it also charged quick charging in wireless charging, and connectivity is pretty nice during charging. It becomes active to keep the phone above. At the same moment you can charge the other device with the wireless charger.
At the same moment, with the Samsung cover, we charged the phone and it worked better. Remember that there was no NFC support for the cover. There was a straightforward plastic cover that comes with phones from Samsung.


The Samsung Wireless Charger Pack Power Bank is priced at 53 USD. There are two colors available: Pink and Silver. Both colors are also pretty good and stylish. The issue, however, is whether or not to purchase. If you've got a phone that supports wireless charging, it's fantastic. If there is no support for wireless charging then it does not make sense to take it. Because 10,000 MAH power bank comes with quick charging at the half cost.
Furthermore, when plugged into the wall socket charger via the USB connector, the wireless power bank could also double as a straightforward wireless charging device. The user manual, however, indicates that the charger will be sold individually.

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