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Washroom Hygiene Services to Keep Your Toilets Clean

Good washroom hygiene services are an important part of your duty of care as an employer. It is imperative to have the highest quality in washroom products to maintain a good level of hygiene throughout toilets and on your premises. Germs and bacteria thrive in waste environments such as toilets and can be carried from the washroom to any other location via your hands; this is why adequate waste containment and washing areas should be provided to prevent the outbreak of infection or disease.

You can of course, handle the washroom hygiene services yourself but, it is often preferable to outsource this to a professional washroom service company. There are so many different things to consider when it comes to servicing your company washrooms. These can include: -

Anti bacteria control - these can include wipes, sprays, gels and hand sanitisers. These will help stop the spread of germs and bacteria around your workplace. This can decrease the amount of sick leave your staff take and keep your office healthy.

Soap dispensers - you need to provide a means for your employees and visitors to wash their hands in your washrooms. Soap dispensers are the most hygienic way of doing this as the soap can have no contact with the unit and is dispensed from the nozzle directly to the hand. Having a one way valve is also an advantage to stop soap and bacteria from entering back into the cartridge as this can ensure that no cross contamination occurs.

Urinal sanitisers - A urinal sanitiser dispenser can automatically release chemicals to breakdown the lime scale and uric salt buildup that will reduce odours from the urinal.

Sanitary bins - these are essential for the controlled containment of any waste material that may harbour bacteria and germs. They also reduce mess and allow for the simple disposal of waste, whilst still blending in with their environment due to a range of stylish finishes that are available.

Nappy changing tables - changing a baby's nappy can be a challenging task even for the most experienced of carers, baby-changing units make the process easier, safer and cleaner.

Air fresheners -washrooms should be kept smelling their best at all times to provide your users with a pleasant toilet experience which doesn't leave them feeling nauseous. Washrooms can often house unpleasant smells that can force people into exiting as soon as possible, meaning care isn't taken when cleaning their hands and this can lead to the spread of unhygienic conditions around the premises.

Sanitary vending machines - these can be a necessity in a washroom due to the convenient products that can be purchased from them. From sanitary products and condoms to mints and painkillers, washroom vending machines can offer the users of your toilets a variety of different products.

This list is fairly comprehensive and of course, you may not need every element. A professional washrooms services company will be able to provide you with a breakdown to meet your exact requirements. Where its at is when your taste buds go oh yeah baby that's what I was craving and a few minutes later your brain says, oh yeah, me too, got it, thank you and your heart says, oh my God, thank you so much for thinking of me this time. And soon those trillions of cells in your body are all doing the happy dance because you didn't just satisfy your taste buds or those easily manipulated neuropathways the corporations have taken control over.

Why? Because you did your homework. You read Michael Moss's Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us and then you did something about it...

But what you ask... what could little ol' me do to fight off these cravings when my body has become so used to food that's been literally engineered to make me want to eat unreasonable amounts of calorie dense yumminess filled with unprecedented levels of ---sugar, salt and fat, oh my!

Even the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Washington says, "it's more difficult for people to control their eating habits than narcotics." If you've ever downed an entire bag of flawlessly flavored chips, teeny tiny cheezey-bits, or perfectly proportioned cream-filled cookies, you know its not that easy to just say no.

Its not like there's re-hab for this sort of thing, is there?

Yes and no. There are two ways to go about it, depending on your personality. Do you prefer to rip the band-aid off quickly? OK then, watch the movie, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." Desperate for a solution the hero of the story drinks nothing but organic veggie juice until he gets better.

Then, there are places like the Optimum Health Institute near San Diego where you can go eat only raw fruits and vegetables for a week or two. This at least provides a supportive environment with modalities to assist your body with the detox it will be experiencing.

Unfortunately, much like winning the lottery many of the victors enjoy the sense of aliveness and vitality for only a short time before falling back into old patterns. Why? Why wouldn't someone choose more empowering habits once they get a taste of the good life?

In a word: Psycho-neurobiology; technically, two words with a mouthful of syllables. This explains how the food giants hooked us and even better, how you can get unhooked without the up and down disappointment of dieting which never lasts because its based on discipline and deprivation.

While a small percentage of the population is wired to succeed in this way, religiously counting calories or points in order to manage their weight, isn't life about so much more than numbers on a scale? Or waist size? Or looking good? Isn't it really about feeling good? About having the energy to enjoy your body in whatever way turns you on? Dancing? Skiing? Triple flips on the trampoline? And about enjoying good food, good friends and good times without obsessing over fat grams?

There is a way out that relies on the way our brains work and has everything to do with creating a life style that's sustainable. The first key is to find someone who believes in you, someone who knows you can make the changes necessary to enjoy eating healthier from now on ---personal trainers, private chefs, best friends who love food too and have similar goals---any one of these people can help you stay inspired by reframing the problems into new possibilities.

Next, while the corporate food scientist struggle to find a way to combine pleasure and health you can easily get started tomorrow. Where to start? In your very own kitchen. There are literally 100s of recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes even by someone with little experience that use "the holy trinity of food" in a way that's healthy and satisfying because its fresh and because its real.

Once you have a repertoire of tried and true, extra yummy, super healthy meals you can easily make, you simply repeat the process. When you do, your body will gradually, naturally, remember how to eat and what to eat. By focusing on what you're adding in to your body you begin a course correction that lands you in a much happier, healthier place for the rest of your life.

Barbara Zagata is the chef/proprietor of Santa Barbara Soul Food. She's been teaching kids and teens how to cook for more than 10 years. She is the founder of Camp Cucina, A Culinary Crash Course for Teens and is currently producing a series of videos to teach young adults how to become self-reliant in the kitchen.

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