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Why Is School Education an Important Part of Life?

School education is a very important and an integral part of any person's life. Education that is gained in the school days of a student paves the way for further education. A proper school education means that a student will have a good background and a good history when he or she grows up. Education that is gained in school is vital for the well- being of a student and also advancement in life.

School is divided into different parts. These parts are primary, secondary and high school. All these parts and stages are equally important and they complement and supplement each other. The basics learnt in primary school and be utilized in secondary school and also high school. Similarly the knowledge gained in secondary school can be utilized in high school. If a person completes his school education with good grades, it means he or she has had a successful history in terms of education. Thus the road has been laid and he or she can take any direction.

The most significant thing about school is that each and every topic is taught. There is no specialization and every subject is given equal importance. This is unlike college where students specialize in a single topic or subject that interests them. This is one reason why education at school must be given significant importance. School education also helps a student to instil in themselves moral values that ensure discipline in the society when they grow up. A person without proper schooling end up being an illiterate in future and creates problems and ruckus in society. Every country stresses on education and they give more importance to education at schools.

The governments of many top countries are focussing a lot on improving the quality of schools and teachers that these schools employ. The students in schools are the future of any country and they must be given a lot of importance if a country needs to prosper in the long run. United States of America, UK, India and China are the popular countries that are stressing on the quality of education in recent times. Every person has understood the need and importance of education in recent times. The growth in the rate of unemployment has bought a lot of thought in the minds of many people and they are beginning to get their children enrol into school as soon as possible. It is somewhat fulfilling to save one's life. There are indeed those who have a calling for a job that will save lives. Some of them do what it takes to become a lifeguard. Experts highly emphasized that a lifeguard is a very important occupation. He or she must know how to determine the difference between life and death. Whether you want to be a lifeguard for a swimming pool or perhaps for a natural body of water, there is need for you to undergo the necessary training and certification for you to qualify for the job. You must be aware that certification will vary depending on the aquatic environment you will be working in. Indeed, requirements and training are more challenging for waterfront lifeguarding as compared to those for shallow water or standard pool lifeguarding.

Preparing For Lifeguard Certification

For beginners, it must be given that you are a strong swimmer, most especially if you mean to become a lifeguard at the beach. You will have to contend with elements like riptides, marine creatures, big waves and many more. Also, you must have endurance and stamina for you to perform rescues.

You must be aware that most certification programs will require that you are capable of swimming at least 50 laps or 300 yards in the front crawl and the breaststroke without any rest Apart from that, you have to retrieve a heavy object from the bottom of the pool and then swim its length back and forth still holding on to this object. The object usually weighs 10 pounds. Basically, you must be more than a stylish swimmer in order for you to perform these 2 feats. However, tests might vary according to the program you have signed up for.

Apart from reinforcing your swimming skills, you will also need to undergo emergency training courses so you are sure to pass complete certification. You must know that lifeguards will deal with lots of critical situations apart from drowning. With that said, you must also undergo training for first aid and CPR aside from the basic lifeguard course. You can actually undertake classes given by the top safety consultants - something that will provide you with a boost to your credentials if you are already applying for work. Radiology is a medical speciality and a process that makes use of imaging process. This process is used for diagnosing and then treating the diseases that are present inside the of a particular patient. This is practiced mostly by the professional radiologists. These radiologists use various techniques of imaging. These techniques include ultrasound, radiography, nuclear medicine, computed tomography and also the most popular magnetic resonance imaging. CT and MRI scans are very commonly used these days as they can be very useful in spotting the tumours that can attack any part of the body. It is one of the best things to remember.

Professional training for Radiology

Radiology is a very important and a vital aspect of the medical world these days. Practicing radiology requires proper training and education. It can only be done by professionals and not by any half educated person. This field of radiology is expanding rapidly because of the growth and advancements in technology in recent times. This growth is also linked to the modern imaging process. A flower is the reproductive structure of a flowering plant; it facilitates reproduction of the plant by fusing the male and female structures of the plant. Hence it plays an important role in studying the role of plants in a scientific manner, which is referred to as Botany. Their role in pollination and cross-pollination have helped us understand how plants flower, bear fruits and seeds and allow future generations of plant life to grow. Some flowers are edible while are not. It's fairly common to see brews, concoctions, herbal products and juices being made from flowers that are known to be good for human consumption.

All these facts bring on a scientific temper to the role of a flower.
In addition to their prime place in plant life, flowers have forever been the source of admiration and beauty for humans; they are seen as objects of food, love, medicine, romance, religion, rituals and many more.

In the abstract, flowers are taken as contextual references to convey a feeling, emotion or attribute. Many specific flowers like roses, orchids etc. are connected with many attributes; but in general, a flower can mean a garden, the spring season, the birds and so on. Just as words often have multiple meanings depending upon the context of usage, the word 'flower' can be taken as an individual object or used to denote something or be seen as a symbol referring to something.

Hence, the denotative meaning of a flower is just the object but in connotative usage as in a poem or stanza, a flower can mean youth, femininity, gentleness, fragility etc.

Flower Power

The term 'Flower Power' began as a slogan expressing opposition to the Vietnam War; it gained symbolism by rooting its ideology of non violence and passive resistance as a means to transfer protests and agitations against wars into peaceful movements. The American poet Allen Ginsberg is credited with the coining of this phrase. The poignant photograph of a young man trying to poke daisies into gun barrels held by military policemen at a 1967 march in Washington symbolizes the significance of flower power. 'Flower Power' later became a generalized reference to the hippie movement of the 1970s that saw an entire generation dress in clothing with vibrant colors and prints in flower designs and embroidered flowers, wearing their hair long, etc. It also brought in the culture of psychedelic art and music, drugs and social permissiveness.

The connotation of the term 'flower power' countered that non violence and love were synonymous with flowers that radiated positivity; the notion 'make love not war' soon established itself as a hippie way of life, hippies soon began to be referred as 'flower children'.

In the best sense, this movement brought left an indelible impression and brought about a radical change in American society. Teens came together to live in communes, led a free life and asserted their views on mainstream society. This power translated into public civil rights' movements and established the trend of liberation.

On the other hand, the culture of free and uninhibited sex and large scale use of drugs ultimately led to the formation of several drug cartels that became caught up in murky scandals and illegal cash funding etc. But the biggest threat to mankind was to come in the form of the HIV infection that became rampant in the early 1980s as a direct result of the 'sexual revolution'.

Although the flower children generation slowly died out and flower power became a thing of the past, the effects of the past decades are still being felt in the current millennium Education is an important tool that is applied in the contemporary world to succeed. The word education means 'to bring up'. Education provides the basic knowledge that makes a human a human. Since the start of human history people have been learning and educating. People in the past struggled very much to get education. Education has progressed from that time. In the present time only educated people can get success in the world. Without education success is impossible.

Education helps an individual to live a respectful life. Educated people are more helpful in the progress of a country. It is playing an important role in the economic and social prosperity. Career wise, education is the foundation of developing individuals by providing knowledge regarding humanity all over the world. Individuals in the society acquire new approaches in life that build opinions on the economical and social life. Education enables the society to interpret the world around them rightly, innovating to new ways and means that conform to their environment.

Contrary to the ways of getting education in the past, now a day's getting education is easy. New technologies, books and many other things have made it easy to get education.

According to my perspective education in the future will be even much advanced than the past and present. With the advancement of science and technology education in the future will be very wonder full. The internet is playing an important role in getting education and it will be of great help in the future. In the future everything will be connected with the internet. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and everything today that is helping in getting education will be much more upgraded. In the next 50 years we will be able to open any book while sitting at home with just a gesture of hand. Instead of LCDs or screens everything will be projected in front of us with the help of holographic technology. Even the children's of 1-3 years of age which are not able to go to school will learn many new things with this technology at home.

Like there are always two faces of a picture, one is bright while other is dark in the same way there are two ways the education in next fifty years can go. Education in the next fifty years may become very easy because everything will be in a student's reach while sitting at home. There will be no need to carry big and heavy bags to school and colleges. And because of the advancement in science and technology all the lessons and lectures will be provided online. But there may arise many problems due to this. Students will become very lazy and inactive and many problems will surround them due to their inactivity. They will get everything while sitting at home which will distort their health.

The education in next 50 years may become a little difficult for students because new ideas and discovery's are being made and students are forced to study all that in a very little age so it becomes a burden on them to understand everything but it will be beneficial for them because for getting something you have to lose something. In the whole world, there are many countries which include developed and developing countries. The education system after 50 years will be different in both. It will be really good in developed countries but in developing countries it will not be that much advances because the countries are way back in the field of science and technology. In next fifty years system of education in school, colleges and universities will totally be changed. Studies will become very easy. Science and technology will play an important role in future education but it will not reduce the importance of teacher. A teacher is the main guide in the whole life of a student. He guides them and makes them well disciplined and educated and in the future also teacher will play an important role in the career building of a student. Even if the students will be able to get knowledge from advance resources like internet, still they will need a teacher. Teachers will educate them in school, colleges and universities in a proper way. The role of a teacher in the life a student can't be neglected.

A teacher is also considered as a "spiritual father" of a student. A student can learn all the knowledge of the world but he can't understand it without the aid of a teacher. Without a teacher, students will get distracted and get involved in other activities. They will become manner less and their interest for seeking education will die out. The advance technology will also help teacher to convey his teachings in a better way to the students. There is a golden saying:-

"Get knowledge from a child's cradle till grave"

Role of a teacher in the life of a student in the next fifty years will remain the same as it is in present. As education makes a student well-mannered and well-disciplined so a student of future will also be well mannered and disciplined. He will respect his elders and his teachers. He will follow the right path.

In next fifty years the life of a student will also be changed completely. Now a day, students have a very tough routine. They go to school in morning, from school to tuition and again have to study at home. Their whole day is spent in this routine and they don't have time for themselves. In future the students will not have to do that much hard work because it is bad for their health and education means to bring up not to bring down. In present days the illiteracy rate is very high. Many children in many countries of the world do not go to school but in future all this would be changed and every child will get education because getting education is the right of every one. System of education in the next fifty years will also be improved as compared to today.

In short, whatever the configuration of an education of future might be technology will play an important role in it. With technology teachers will also play an important role in educating the students. If all the teachers are well educated then they will play a better role and with the coordination of a teacher and new technology the students of future will be the best and they will take their nation or country to the peaks of progress.

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