Monday, 13 May 2019

Why Education Is Important

Entrance exams after middle schools have become the common norm for the students who aspire to enter specific career streams. These exams have become the intrinsic component because of the higher number of aspirants and the emergent competition dynamics in almost every field. The seats are limited while each year large numbers of students want to get through the screening and gain a seat in the top institutions in higher education and learning. An entrance exam has, therefore, become a career kiosk for the student and needs to be mastered if the future is to be secured!

What is most required for cracking the entrance exam?

It is important to note the fact that a student despite passing his 10th or 12th classes board exams with good marks finds difficulty in getting through the entrance and screening tests organized by various institutions. This is an irony! Experts in the coaching and counseling field opine that the gap lies not in the substance but in the direction. The student has grabbed all the concepts pretty well but he still finds a problem in applying those concepts of the syllabus while attempting the competition papers at entrance exams! This means that proper guidance is sought by the competitor and in a dynamic manner too; so that he is able to mold the acquired knowledge and learning as per the demand of the higher order questions served to him in the competition.

How to seek good guidance and assistance for the entrance exam?

Choice of the mentor or guide is necessary who not only delivers the core concepts but also inculcates in the student, the ability to make use of those concepts in solving the presented problems and analyses. Practice is also important and thus regular test series need to be attempted by the student. A self-study and assessment schedule should be considered as a generic continuous activity by the student.

Train your mind for the exam

Your mind should be prepared to perform well during an exam. This requires consistency over a long period of time. If you are planning to give your exam in 9-12 slot, you should practice solving papers at the same time so that your mind is trained to be super active during that period.

Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced

Keeping yourself and your mind healthy is quite neglected during exam preparation but it can have adverse effects in the final outcome. Exercise daily and sleep well so that your mind and body are fresh when you are taking the exam. Avoid sleeping late and tune your mind so that it works best in the time slot of your final exam. In the year 2017, an unprecedented number of Indian students have chosen to move to Canada for their higher education. By this, not only did the application rates in Canadian Universities have increased in this academic year but also has strengthened the immigration ties between India and Canada. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), in the next 10 years, a half million of international students, not only from India but from nations worldwide would be studying and living in this Maple country.

To an amazement, many students of the previous year who moved to Canada for their higher education and were expected to return to their home country after their course of study, have changed their minds, applied for new visas and expressed interest settle in Canada. CBIE found that from 2008 to 2016, the number of students staying back in Canada after their course of education has doubled. In the year 2008, approximately 128,000 students moved to Canada on study permit. By the end of 2016 the figure has tremendously increased to more than 400,000; which indeed signifies the growing preference of Canada among students.

It's a no doubt that that reasons like the vibrant lifestyle the city offers, the humble attitude of people, the multi-cultural diversity the country offers makes the place to be home alike. But, when surveyed, students marked the Canadian Permanent Residency as the major reason of why they wanted to stay back in Canada; highlighting the following aspects of Canada PR that attracted them the most.

1. Improved Immigration Process- The country has a straightforward process of immigration, most students said.

With the recent changes make to the Express Entry System of Canada, the economic immigration has become more straightforward for applicants, especially for students with international education. The system, more than being focused on a need of a job emphasis on the quality of the applicant's education, his/her language skills and the work experience gained. Moreover, the recent announcement of applicants getting additional 15-30 points for Canadian Post-Secondary education which eventually eases the process of obtaining a Permanent Residency became a godsend.

2. Post Graduate Work Program- After that high-quality education, students are striving for that globally recognized work experience

Working in Canada is easy with international education. Thanks to the Post Graduate Work Program that makes it easier, said many students. Certainly, this program is no less than master key for students to unlock their permanent home in Canada. A graduate in Canada can immediately apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit and work for any employer. Since employers too won't be required to obtain an LMIA to hire this candidate, it proves the simplest method for both to fulfill their purpose. Also, this program allows the privilege to take up any higher courses while working for Canadian employers.

In a nutshell, the work experience upon an extra degree will bet sure chances for Canadian permanent residency.

3. Canadian Experience Class- A key to a faster permanent residency upon gaining Canadian work experience

For Canadian students with Canadian work experience, Canada Express Entry has an exclusive program- the Canadian Express Class. Through this program, any student with min. 1 yr of Canadian work experience (either part-time or full-time) in the past 3 yrs, can file for Canada PR and gain permanent residency within the least span of time. Moreover, if this candidate has Canadian education to show up, it instantly boosts his points and grants him with a quicker PR.

Taking into account this unique CEC program interlinked with quicker Canadian PR, many Indian students have chosen to stay back in Canada, gain work experience and invite their families for a permanent stay upon PR success.

Well, while these are the major aspects that students migrate to Canada and stay back permanently, the story does not end here. In today's time, majority of students opt to settle in Canada than in the United States (which was once considered the most chosen nation for higher education). According to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, the number of students showing in American Universities has dropped by 39 percent in one year whereas Canada has experienced a vast increase in the number of students applying for international education. The Canadian University and the University of Toronto have witnessed over 20 percent increase in overseas student applications while University of Wilfrid Laurier and McMaster University have reported an increase of 30 percent in student applicants.  Print Article
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Expert Author Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Selfish persons are not capable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either. Being selfish is not good but being self-centered is worse because you never learn to listen to other people.

Everybody deserves to a chance to reach a dream no matter how impossible it looks. However, some people believe that they might not be able to reach them and that's why they save all of their resources to themselves just to ease some of the insecurities. A lot of selfish people have unmet expectations which make them feel insecure resulting to fear of trust and lack of control over their lives.

But when someone you have to deal with regularly is consistently self-involved and self-centered, they can make your life miserable. If someone does not care about anyone else, he/she is not likely to be very responsive to you in any way other than evaluating how you can meet their his/her needs. They love only themselves. Selfish people are mean and they are good for nothing. They are concerned only about themselves. They are expecting people to reach out or behave in a manner that suits them.

Understanding doesn't mean letting them off the hook. But if you can get behind the behavior and discover what motivates it, you'll have a better chance of responding in a way that might make it less powerful. We often make assumptions about what motivates people but those assumptions are often inaccurate. These people make decisions that benefit them. They don't give a damn what the impact this might have on others.

Dealing with these kinds of people is not easy but the first step in dealing with them effectively is to better understand what causes them to act that way in the first place. Do not take them personally. We often make misleading assumptions. A selfish person always puts his/her own needs first. The problem arises only when we do things for ourselves at the expense of others. When you make life difficult for others to meet your own ends, then that kind of selfishness is the selfishness that you'd like to avoid. Putting yourself first is not selfish. But thinking about yourself constantly is selfish.

At present, it has become increasingly important for people to think about themselves before others. It becomes a status quo and the basis of the society. There is no need to be distressed by the situation of the modern society. Make sure that you develop a personality which can adjust well to demands of this generation.

In my case, its good to be a little selfish, rather than being completely selfless. When you are too concerned with others and help them when they are in need, you make them parasite and dependent on you. More likely than not, when you need help, no one gives a damn about you.

So, instead of being upset about people's selfish behavior accept that it's essential for survival as long as it doesn't cause any kind of harm to any anybody including you!
Major Ferguson, a highland Scotchman, and an accomplished gunsmith, designed and built a breech-loading rifle said to permit a shooter to fire six-to-ten rounds per minute (3-4 times faster than muzzle-loaded muskets, the standard issued weapon to infantrymen). A rifle, more accurate and deadly at a greater range than muskets, would be deadlier if breech-loaded. For this reason, the British army offered Major Ferguson a commission, purchased, and provided the 100 Ferguson rifles that he had manufactured and put them in the hands of light infantry who were scattered among British line regiments under the command of William Howe. In the New England area of colonial America, General Howe commanded the British campaign to break the colonial American attempt to gain independence from Britain. Ferguson hoped to field test his rifles and use the results to argue for a contract to mass produce them for the army. He suffered a series of setbacks which compelled him to move to the southern theater, commanded by General Cornwallis at his base in Charleston.

In South Carolina, Major Ferguson had come to a bushwhacking nightmare for the colonial patriots, the colonial loyalists, and for the British regulars. There, he got no crack light infantry to wield his rifles. Instead, he got only loyalists, and the loyalists were all about bushwhacking their patriot neighbors, who were all about bushwhacking the loyalists. This form of warfare, known as frontier-style combat, required ruthless officers. The loyalists would not follow gentlemen into frontier combat. Ambitious, desperate to prove his rifle, and only just recovered from a failure, Major Ferguson sought opportunities to take his small unit deep into patriot territory. As he gained field combat experience, his reputation for ruthlessness eclipsed the story of his rifles, which continued to fail and dwindle in numbers. His ambition: Win a legitimate battlefield victory to create an opportunity for headline news in Britain on how he won by using his rifles. General Cornwallis provided the way for Major Ferguson to have his opportunity by deciding to take his entire army into the field to chase after patriot forces that had begun to mass.

General Cornwallis' plan, to conduct a sweeping advance into Northwestern South Carolina and then pivot into Southwestern North Carolina, had the object of compelling patriot forces to mass and switch to the stand up European-style of combat. On his request, Major Ferguson sought and got approved to put his small force on the outer flank of the advancing British army as it wheeled southwest of Charlotte. During movement, already too far out on the flank to have quick support by British regiments, Major Ferguson made matters worse for himself. He wrote his superiors during the advance, to tell them not to send any force to aid him, commanded by an officer superior to his rank. No officer with force would simply give what he had to another officer - all cost and no gain - so letters effectively cut Ferguson and his men off from any help. Still, he found a way to make his risk greater by taunting the "Over Mountain Men" by letter in advance of his march. The Over Mountain Men were battle-hardened patriot frontiersmen with families who lived in the border area of North Carolina and Tennessee. They were located near, and illegally on, Cherokee land, and the British had instigated Cherokee attacks upon them, which they withstood. The Over Mountain Men accepted the challenge and went after Ferguson, trapping his force on a hill in York County that was within sight of King's Mountain. From that hill, Major Ferguson saw only opportunity. His future fame and enrichment depended on winning the battle. He threw his full energy into making it so. Aggressively, he urged his loyalist force to stand and fight!

Moving about their ranks while riding his white horse, Ferguson exposed himself as a target, and he led a bayonet charge into one of the patriot forces! This began a pattern. Since shooting among trees had not worked well, Ferguson led repeated bayonet charges down the hill. After his force ran back up the hill to take cover, the patriot forces returned to resume firing. Ferguson blew a silver whistle to signal the next bayonet charge down the hill. The combat and exhaustion took a toll, mostly on the loyalists, and some of them raised white flags, which Ferguson cut down with his sword. Finally, a charge down the hill set Ferguson up to be shot off of his horse. His foot caught in the stirrup and the horse dragged him to the base of the hill among patriot forces where he received seven rifle shots that ended his life. He did not get the fame or the contract to produce his rifles that he wanted, but he did contribute to a famous outcome. The loyalists of South Carolina capitulated after the Battle of King's Mountain and the later Battle of Cowpens. That capitulation discouraged loyalists in North Carolina, compelling General Cornwallis to continue northeast to Yorktown rather than return through hostile territory to his base in Charleston. At Yorktown, the British lost the war. Technology has taken its counterpart in our lives. The introduction of custom peptide synthesis is one of the major contributions of commercial industry to the society. It is one of the most talked about topic of biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, pharmacology and molecular science. The advancement and development of various products related to the field of life sciences have given a good room for the growth of custom peptide synthesis in the industry.

To make it more clear, we can define it as the commercial production of peptides. These custom peptides could be defined as valuable tools in the field of biochemical laboratories. These researches help in creating and obtaining the valuable tools. These tools are further used in biochemical laboratories. To start with, synthetic oligopeptides are one of the most commonly used custom peptide synthesis that are used in laboratories.

These are used extensively in research for structure function analysis. They are found to be helpful in offering the extended help for the development of binding assays, in the study of receptor or antagonist nature. It is essential to have in depth knowledge about it as it helps in determining the production of specific antibodies.

The peptides are synthesized for customized use by allowing them to make reactions with carboxyl group or C - Terminus of one amino acids to the part of N- Terminus of next amino acid in the chain. Hence, the chains of correlation between the two amino acids are used to bring out the desired results. These results could be further accelerated for the use of specific needs.

The optimized use of custom peptide synthesis could be done on both large as well as small scale. Large scale custom peptide synthesis requires the liquid medium of the solution or the solid state of the medium. However, the budget factor of peptides could be met with the use of peptides that are made up of less than 8 amino acids. These shorter chains of amino acids are economical and are used generally to meet the requirements. They are used in solution chemistry.

On the other hand, peptides that are larger than 8 residues are generally assembled by the use of solid phase chemistry. It is commonly known as solid phase peptide synthesis. They could be carried out either manually or assembled in a fully automatic fashion. The manual synthesis turned out to be more useful and beneficial as it allows a greater scale of flexibility and allows trouble shooting proactive decisions.

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